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About Us

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your success. Our team provides a consultative approach on emerging technology.

Our Services

About Us

We deliver scalable, proven solutions on time to customers across varied industries and verticals. We help customers to transform and grow their business by aligning appropriate technology solutions.

NRG Phoenix Technology is one of the most renowned Digital Transformation Solutions, Artificial Intelligence & IoT solutions companies that provides custom Web & Mobile app development, Digital Marketing, Enterprise AI solutions, IoT solutions and E-commerce solutions. We design strategies and solutions that are customised specifically to meet your business vision. Our major strength is our strong team of certified and promising professionals working with every industry domain.

What makes NRG Phoenix Technology strong are our diverse expert teams working with every industry type. We have been a trusted technology partner to our clients by maintaining a high quality standard of our Services.

We build solutions for data-first, digital transformation of organisations using advanced computing technologies. Seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots/Virtual Agents, IoT and Machine Learning technologies into our products and solutions.


Why Choose Us?

Apart from our gusto to deliver the excellence, here are some of the reasons why you should partner with NRG Phoenix Technology:

Dedicated, Skilled & Certified Developers

Our team has highly skilled and certified developers with extensive knowledge and technical expertise of handling multiple projects with efficiency.

Dedicated Project Managers

We understand your business goals and deliver effective solutions with the help of our dedicated project management team to maximise your business revenue.

Maintain Information Security and Confidentiality with NDA

We protect the valuable business information subject to reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy and hold all the confidential information in trust and confidence.

Future Centric Technologies and Solutions

We leverage cutting-edge technology innovations and future proof your business with centric software and communicating a vision for a profit rich future.

Our technology allows you to offer the
latest software to your possible

Enterprise AI Solutions

IT management service that manages and oversees the IT infrastructure of organization responsible for network and operations which includes data communication.

Digital Marketing

NRG Phoenix Technology Digital Marketing specialists take your business culture & mission into social media and engage your customers

Website & UX Design

As part of Digital Transformation, your business needs a highly optimized website which provides rich user experience.

Web & Mobile applications

At NRG Phoenix Technology, we help you build innovative custom web and mobile applications to cater your business needs.

ECommerce Application

At NRG Phoenix Technology, we offer customized ECommerce development services to help you build the most high-performing ECommerce website

Custom Software Development

We cater custom software and an application that meets your specific business requirements with unique functionalities, usability and performance.


What’s your IT need ?

NRG’s core Competencies

At NRG Phoenix Technology, we work hard to achieve that synergy for our clients. Whether it is through providing the right complimentary tech solutions, the optimum outsourced sales solution or any other support function which adds value to your business, our goal is to make your organization the toast of your clients.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Facial Recognition
  • Productivity Solutions
  • NLU & NLP
  • Image Processing
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Web & Mobile Applications
  • Digital Marketing
  • ECommerce Applications

Our Approach

Our expert team at NRG Phoenix Technology takes a data-first approach to get to know about your business in detail. Below is our approach to come up with the suitable solution for your business needs

Interpret and Plan

Our expert team takes time to understand your goals and lay out a suitable solution to address your requirements.


Our Design team handcrafts layouts & templates with your users inputs.

Develop & QA

Our Developers team starts coding your requirements which brings life to the functionalities. Our QA team tests the codes in all possible ways and certifies.

Go Live

Our Deployment team deploys the Tested and approved solution Live.

Our Approach

Feel free to contact us, or you can call us any time +61 468-495-900

Our Leadership team

blog image

Ananta Sinha

Director & Member of GEC

With a thirst to understand business & the ever-changing world we operate within, read more... I graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the prestigious Lucknow University which furthered my understanding and desire to play an integral role in the development of business today and into the future, taking up the role as a leader and an entrepreneur. I had always been supporting others, particularly women, in business throughout my 20 years of career and this helps me grow, as a better person and gives me the ability to make some worthwhile introductions. You should identify me being skilled in strategy building, solution oriented, always show willingness to learn at each walk of life, try to be proactive and believe in being collaborative. I am passionate about connecting the right technology solution to the clients so they all can achieve their business goals. I have always believed in working together which surely makes the achievement so special as it has been gained through collaboration. As a business owner, I know the value of great partnerships and make it a rule to work with manageable needy clients so we can take the time to understand and respond to their requests. NRG Phoenix experienced tech team provides solutions to ambitious clients looking for cost-effective long-term strategies and optimised customer experiences. My foray into entrepreneurship started early on. However, it wasn’t long before my desire to progress and innovate saw me branch out as an entrepreneur. I have known that being my own boss was the only way I wanted my working life to be. Today I’m proud to run a thriving Information Technology Development company and providing IT solution to ambitious businesses as the Director and Co-Founder of NRG-Phoenix Technology. I am a maverick and will continue to push the bounds. read less...

blog image

Gaurav Priya

Group Chief Executive Officer & Member of GEC

Am a happy soul, believes in owning responsibility for my organisation’s growth and development read more... by being an entrepreneur. I always considered defining and implementing an IT strategy that is aligned with our company’s business strategy. Continually tried to be proactive in the management of IT approaches and had unchanging goals and objectives to maintain alignment with strategic business goals in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Equipped with 15+ years of IT leadership and delivering outstanding solutions, services and business outcomes. Continuing to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and secure IT services with the sole aim to sell peace of mind to other businesses. Apart from work I love reading all sorts of books, enjoy the most -swimming and for better health love playing badminton and of course walk regularly. I am forever eager to contribute my bit to assist those who need a helping hand to rise and shine in life. read less...

blog image

Balamurugan M G

Director, Global Delivery Leader & Member of GEC

Over 25 years of experience with highly-motivated, deadline-committed, goal-driven & a proven read more... track record of excellence. Some of his core skills include Leadership, Project Management, Operations Management and Service Delivery. A Certified Project Management Professional. An experienced Leader with a high consideration factor, empowering others, a molder of consensus and served as a catalyst for process improvements with a commitment to improve operational efficiencies. Good Team Leader with a unique skill for implementing business objectives that meet the service delivery needs. Works effectively with people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, communicate ideas in easy to understand terms, apply innovation & creativity to fuel success. read less...

Perfect Solutions For Your Business!

NRG Phoenix has been helping organizations throughout the World to manage their IT with our unique approach to technology management and consultancy solutions.

  • Provided by experts to help challenge activities
  • Complemented with peer perspectives and advice
  • Data first approach for the best Digital Solution

Global Presence

NRG Phoenix has attained its global presence with offices in India & Australia with skilled software developers, BAs and Delivery leaders.

As a custom software development entity, NRG Phoenix is committed to provide full fledged customized solutions to global clients in various technologies.